Kacey is a certified teacher holding certifications in elementary and special education. She also has a Master's Degree in education and Reading Specialist Certification. She has taught in Hawaii as well as Philadelphia in various classrooom settings including working as an adjunct professor at Manor College. After having her baby, Molly Jane, she decided to be a stay at home mom. While at home with Molly, she began teaching her sign language in order to communicate and facilitate her language develpoment. When Molly began signing back and making connections between signs and words, Kacey knew it was time to spread the word and educate parents on the benefits of teaching babies sign language.  She is excited to spread her enthusiasm for signing and hopes to help parents feel confident in teaching their children to sign! Since beginning Baby Signs by Kacey, Kacey has had another baby, Keegan, who is now starting to sign! She has also added additional class including infant massage and Ready, Set, Preschool to help parents make the most of this time with their little ones!